Month: July 2022

Dental Nurse vs. Dental Assistant | What’s the Better Option?

Jul 30, 2022

The medical world is full of titles and roles suited for everyone’s niche. Dentistry is the same; it’s a field comprised of various positions. When you visit a dentist’s office, it’s pretty rare to find them alone. Usually, an entire team is there as backup, be it for a simple consultation or an in-depth surgery. […]

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3 Ways You Can Put Your Dental Assistant Certificate To Good Use

Jul 15, 2022

Living in a world that seemingly progresses day by day, dental care is a field that is making its way forward. Nowadays, almost everyone is concerned about their oral hygiene. This is why becoming a player in the major league is as rewarding a job as any. A dental assistant is one of such professions […]

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