Becoming a Dental Assistant takes a lot of hard work and patience. As long as you hold your ground, you will be met with fruitful results. Not to mention, physical training is the best aspect of it all. Plus, thanks to the progressive times, a Dental Assistant’s job is highly sought after.

You need quite a lot of dedication to be a part of the dental field. Not only does it serve as a way to help change lives, but you also make a positive difference.

What Does it Take to be a Dental Assistant?

As rewarding as it is, a dental assistant’s job isn’t all that easy. You need grit and commitment to get through it. Moreover, there are some crucial factors that a candidate should possess before qualifying for the job, such as:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Quick on Feet
  3. Must Possess Basic Dentistry Knowledge
  4. Fast Learner
  5. Good Operational Skills

3 Skills You’ll Learn as a Dental Assistant

Let’s say you finally decide to pursue your dental dreams. Now, you just need to sign up for a dental assisting program and watch your world change! In a span of a few weeks, you will emerge as a qualified dental assistant, able to flaunt your newly learned skills.

It’s a given that you will have to learn a lot and go through various physical demonstrations. Nonetheless, with a good program to back you up, you’ll be able to tackle any problem.

Moreover, you will pick up on plenty of exclusive skills due to physical dental training. Some of these you might forget, but others are crucial. Not to mention, these skills only tend to enhance after continuous practice and experience. Three of these esteemed skills are:

Administrative skills

One of the primary duties of a dental assistant is to take over the administrative work of the clinic. These duties can range from scheduling appointments, filing records, keeping track of invoices and payments, etc. At times, even managing the inventory can be a top priority. That is, you’ll be required to take note of all the medications or tools, especially if they need to be ordered again.

Interpersonal skills

Being able to communicate with patients is vital when it comes to a healthcare worker. During appointments, there may be times a patient would mostly interact with a dental assistant. Thus, to help relieve stress or manage their nervousness, a good dental assistant must possess strong interpersonal skills. Building rapport with patients leads to trust, and with trust, everything else comes with ease.

Technical skills

Being technologically advanced is important for all dental assistants. For instance, it is crucial to know about the different tools for a procedure, such as how to use and sterilize them, etc. Furthermore, you will also learn how to perform various treatments and how to take a dental x-ray. That is why a good dental assistant should be a keen learner who is quick on their feet.


In the end, just know that being a dental assistant is 100% worth the journey. Plus, it only takes ten weeks to earn the level of expertise you might have thought impossible.

So why wait? Schedule a slot with Greatwood Dental Assisting Program today and boost your dental skills to the next level. All you have to do is call (281) 728-6012, and we’ll take care of the rest.