As an aspiring dental person, you must have thought of the difference between them and why they are both different. Hence, here is an article talking about a dental assistant vs. a dental hygienist.

A dental assistant will be the second in command after the dentist as a dental clinic, while a dental hygienist will be the one working with you on a one-to-one basis. And both of them assistants and hygienists have to study different courses, have different earning patterns, and work differently with patients.

What Does A Dental Hygienist Do?

A dental hygienist will take care of the advanced and independent tasks that are in some cases taken care of by the dentist. The responsibilities include teeth polishing, teeth cleaning and deep cleaning, removing plaque, tartar, and stains off the teeth.

Some more responsibilities are:

  • Handle dental exams
  • Review patient’s medical history
  • Vital check
  • X-ray and radiograph
  • Assess risk

What Does Their Career Outlook Look Like

There is going to be a jump in dental hygienist employment of about thirty-three percent by 2022. As people are becoming more and more cautious about overall health and their dental health is linked to it, there will be a huge jump in demand for dental services. To become dental hygiene, you need to undergo a complete program at a dental hygienist school.

What Does A Dental Assistant Do?

On the other hand, a dental assistant will prepare the table before the dentist arrives. Your duties will include disinfecting the instruments, checking on patients’ records, talking to patients, preparing them for the post-event activities, etc. You may also have to take care of some office tasks, such as billing, appointments, managing dental supplies, etc.

Some more responsibilities are:

  • Sterilizing instrument
  • Educate the patients
  • Appointments
  • Manage supplies
  • Managing finances

What Does Their Career Outlook Look Like

As per studies, an average dental assistant earns about $34,500. The rate of dental assistants will grow by twenty-five percent by 2022 due to the current need of having better oral health.

There are several dental assistant schools you can apply to and become a dental assistant within one year.

Remember that no task is small, but the dental assistant and dental hygienist are challenging jobs and have a rewarding career path. Hence if you are looking to learn more about a dental assistant vs dental hygienist or are looking for dental assistant courses, visit Greatwood Dental Assisting Program and speak to our consultants. We have the best counselors who will be able to assist you with your dental assistant queries so you can choose the best dental career for yourself and take your journey forward. Call us now at (281) 728-6012 and visit us. We are waiting to speak to you.