A dental assistant is what makes a dentist more efficient. Choosing it as your career will require you to be responsible with the ability to work with others as a team. A pediatric dental assistant needs to have some extra skills as children have special dental needs. This is because they are still in growing age, and it is difficult to make them still and calm during the checkup. Some kids have dental phobias, and an assistant has to make them calm before the checkup so that it goes smoothly.

Duties of a Pediatric Dental Assistant 

As an assistant, you will help the dentist during the whole process from receiving a child patient to getting him or her ready for the checkup to giving the guidance for aftercare.


Before the checkup, it will be your duty to keep things in order. This includes getting ready the dental seat and instruments. During the checkup, you will pass on the instruments, clean the ones needed again. Afterward, you will wash all the used tools.

Patient records

Apart from assistance during the checkup, you will also be responsible for handling the patient records. This includes entering the record of new and current patients. You will also handle the billings and take follow-ups.


Along with the above duties, you will have to keep an eye on the inventory. If any item is in low quantity, you will contact the vendors and place the order. You will also organize the existing inventory and keep them safe from any damage.


It will be your duty to guide children about how to take care of their teeth after the checkups. You will provide them simple health tips and anything else that the dentist requires you to.

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