3 Essential Skills a Dental Assistant Learns After The Trainee Period

Aug 15, 2022

Becoming a Dental Assistant takes a lot of hard work and patience. As long as you hold your ground, you will be met with fruitful results. Not to mention, physical training is the best aspect of it all. Plus, thanks to the progressive times, a Dental Assistant’s job is highly sought after. You need quite […]

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Dental Nurse vs. Dental Assistant | What’s the Better Option?

Jul 30, 2022

The medical world is full of titles and roles suited for everyone’s niche. Dentistry is the same; it’s a field comprised of various positions. When you visit a dentist’s office, it’s pretty rare to find them alone. Usually, an entire team is there as backup, be it for a simple consultation or an in-depth surgery. […]

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3 Ways You Can Put Your Dental Assistant Certificate To Good Use

Jul 15, 2022

Living in a world that seemingly progresses day by day, dental care is a field that is making its way forward. Nowadays, almost everyone is concerned about their oral hygiene. This is why becoming a player in the major league is as rewarding a job as any. A dental assistant is one of such professions […]

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Communication Skills: Why Are They Important for a Dental Assistant?

Jun 30, 2022

A dental assistant interacts with patients throughout the day; they are often the first point of interaction at a dental office. Moreover, they have to schedule appointments, answer phone calls, work with the dentist, etc. Therefore, dental assistants interact with people of all ages and backgrounds. This article will explain why communication skills are essential […]

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Did You Know the 4 Types of Dental Assistants & What They Do?

Jun 15, 2022

Dental assistants work under dentists and help manage the workflow. They help handle various tasks in the dental office like patient checkups, scheduling appointments, cleaning teeth, etc. Sometimes, they might be asked to perform a specific task or procedure, depending on their experience and education. Are you wondering how many types of dental assistants there […]

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You Must Know These Three Tips to Work as A Pediatric Dental Assistant

May 30, 2022

Did you know you get to work with children as a pediatric dental assistant? If you opt for pediatric dental care, you will have the chance to help children. From infants to teenagers, a pediatric dental assistant works with them all. They specialize in dental health for children, having the experience, knowledge, and qualifications to […]

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Follow These Five Effective Study Tips to Ace Your Dental Assisting Program

May 15, 2022

It is always overwhelming to start a new course. After enrolling in a dental assisting program, you might be intimidated by the new terminology and study aspects. Student life is always filled with anxiety about being academically good enough and acing your exams. But don’t worry, everyone gets nervous about their studies. We will give […]

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Are Dental Hygienists and Dentists Same?

Apr 30, 2022

A considerable part of the routine dental checkup, patients spend a large amount of the time with the dental hygienists. What they do is observe the condition of their teeth first, scrape plaque and tartar off from it, and floss in order to assess gum health. They may also treat you with fluorides or more, […]

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