Dental Assistants are the backbone of any dental office. They are the ones who work with the patients before, during, and after their visits to help them manage their oral health. This is why it’s important to attend a high-quality dental assistant school during your studies and training.

Dental assistants do everything from taking x-rays to assisting in procedures like filling cavities or placing crowns on teeth. They also educate people about how to brush and floss properly at home to prevent gum disease. These professionals may not have a lot of education, but they make up for it with experience, customer service skills, compassion, and empathy which makes them great employees for any dental practice.

The Role of Dental Assistants in a Dental Office

A dental office would be nothing without its dental assistants. Dental assistants play a vital role in any dental office by helping the dentist with a variety of tasks. Some of the duties that a dental assistant may perform include:

  • Preparing the patient for treatment
  • Helping the dentist to place and remove protective equipment
  • Preparing and handing instruments to the dentist during treatment
  • Cleaning and sterilizing instruments
  • Helping to keep the dental office clean and organized

What Dental Assistants Do During Procedures?

During procedures, dental assistants are an extension of the dentist. They prepare everything they need to do their work, like filling out paperwork and laying out instruments, while ensuring the patient is comfortable and safe.

Dental assistants help sterilize equipment between patients by boiling basins, putting surgical packs into sterile pouches, or placing drill heads into receptacles. They help the dentist and nurse place protective equipment like masks and gloves.

During procedures, dental assistants may hold different instruments or pass instruments to the dentist. They also apply local anesthetics and monitor patients’ vital signs. Before a procedure begins, they mark patient charts with recommended treatment plans.

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Final Thoughts

Dental assistants are the backbone of any dental office. They provide support for all members of staff, and because they work so closely with patients, it’s important to choose a patient-oriented dental assistant school. A good dental assistant will be able to handle anything from basic cleaning duties to filling out insurance forms in order to ensure that each visit goes smoothly. Be sure to look into dental assistant programs in Sugar Land during your quest to find the ideal program!

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