You may be wondering whats the difference is between a hygienist and a dental expert, and this article will help you understand this. When was the last time you went into a dental hygienist and a dental expert? A dental hygienist can carry out general dental hygiene procedures such as cleaning the teeth and gums, removing tartar, etc. On the other hand, a dental expert who can be a dentist or an orthodontist specializes in providing a higher level of service. i.e., removing your missing teeth; operating and doing dental surgery, and applying dental techniques on kids.

But What Is The Actual Difference Between The Two?

A Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is actually an educator because they do not only provide teeth cleaning services but also provide the patients with tips and knowledge about improving their dental health. Preventive care, teeth cleaning, and how to reduce gum disease are some topics your dental hygienist will talk to you about.

When you go see a dental hygienist, the appointment may involve:

  • How can you take care of your teeth, and what are some of the products you should use and changes to your existing schedule.
  • Do you need to make some diet and lifestyle changes, and what will its effect be on your oral health.
  • What are some teeth cleaning treatments to remove the plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth?
  • Check to see for gum disease, decay in the teeth of any or other dental issues, and if you require any treatment. You may also need to undergo x-rays if needed to see the Dentist right after.

In most cases, you will only visit a dental hygienist for teeth cleaning sessions. Still, they also assist the Dentist and manage patients when the Dentist is very busy or during surgery and procedures or so on.

A Dental Expert (i.e., Dentist)

In most cases, a dental expert is a dentist who has undergone a more extensive level of training than a dental hygienist. A dentist is trained to conduct surgeries and complicated procedures. A dentist is mostly taking care of fixing a problem in your mouth compared to a dental hygienist cleaning it; so problems do not arise. Dentists examine your mouth for severe diseases such as gingivitis, dead tooth, etc.

Some activities a dentist will carry out are:

  • Root canal, implant, and bridges, teeth removal, etc.
  • Injecting you with anesthesia and sedation when needed.
  • Prescribing you with antibiotics and treatments.
  • Fixing your chipped or broken tooth.
  • Sealing the teeth.
  • Recommending you the best suitable teeth whitening treatments.
  • Oversee the taking of your impressions in case you need a tooth replacement or fixing of bridges.
  • Examination of x-rays and using them for diagnosis and treatment.

Some dentists also specialize in several activities. i.e., those who work with children are known as pediatric dentists.

Now that you have an idea of the difference between a dental hygienist and a dental expert; you can make up your mind on what you are looking to pursue ahead. Still not sure? Visit Greatwood Dental Assisting Program and speak to our specialists. Call us at (281) 728-6012 to learn more.