Are you excited about your student life as a dental assistant? You might be nervous and excited to get started on this new, rewarding phase of your life. From collecting study tips to planning your schedule, there’s a lot you want to be prepared for. But relax, take a breather and let the dental assistant life come to you.

One important aspect of being a student is asking questions to clear up any confusion. But what exactly should you ask your dental assistant instructor? In this blog, we’ll let you know some questions to ask your dental assistant instructor.

Questions You Can Ask Your Dental Assistant Instructor

Asking questions allows you to comprehend better. By showing curiosity, you make yourself stand out as a student. Plus, it helps you understand what’s going on.
Some questions you can ask include the following:

1. Why is this Topic Important?

By asking your instructor the goal of the lesson, you can open your horizons to the dental assistant world. This way, you can learn the different aspects that build your knowledge of this field. Moreover, you can stand out as being interested in why a certain task is important. Asking why you’re doing something paves the way for you to develop a deeper understanding of the subject.

The ‘why’ will help you internalize the concept and its importance. In the long-term, this can help you prepare for explaining the significance of whatever procedure you’re performing to a patient.

2. How Will We Use this When Working With Patients?

For dental assistant students, it’s of utmost importance to learn the theory behind the practical skills they’ll apply in their respective fields. Knowing how the information you’re learning will help your patients is a remarkable trait in a dental assistant. Thus, make sure you know how you’ll be using the skills for a dental assistant that you learn in your classroom.

3. What Aspects Should I Work On?

It’s a known fact: No one is perfect. Therefore, acknowledging that and working towards your improvement is the characteristic of a great person. Being excited about learning and working on your skills will add to your strengths as a dental assistant. Like other fields, dental assisting is always evolving. This is why you should be updated with all the changes and know how to handle different situations.

When you go for your internship, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to learn from your peers and mentors. You can always observe what they do and ask for their feedback. This is a time to develop your practical skills, don’t let it go to waste! Instead, ask your instructor when you don’t understand something. In addition, get their reviews and feedback to improve any shortcomings you have. It’s okay not to be the best at everything — you always have room for growth.

Other Questions You Can Ask Your Instructor

Apart from the above-mentioned questions, you can bring up the following queries to your instructor:

  • What’s the day like in the life of a dental assistant?
  • How do I get my first dental assistant job?
  • Do dental assistants work in other fields?

Aiming to Become a Dental Assistant?

Life as a dental student might make you anxious, but that’s just the jitters. You can always ask your professors and instructors questions to learn what you don’t know. At the Greatwood Dental Assisting Program, you can gain the skills needed for a good dental assistant. Contact us for more information at (281) 728-6012. Visit us at 19875 Southwest Fwy #120a, Sugar Land, TX 77479, United States.

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