A dental nurse or assistant is an important member of a dental team. They help to make sure that good care is provided to the patient. It is important for an assistant to have a calm and friendly attitude so that patients get comfortable before and after the checkup.

Some patients may come for regular check-ups and some may come with severe pain or complications. The dental assistant reassures the patient and brings them to ease. They also support the team during overall patient care.

Discussed below are some of the duties that a nurse must be able to carry out.

  • A dental nurse works closely with the dentist and provides assistance throughout the checkup. He or she prepares all the necessary instruments and materials required during the checkup. Moreover, they are also responsible to clean the used equipment.
  • They ensure that the environment is clean and free from all sorts of infections.
  • Some other duties can include helping the dentist to record information regarding the oral health and medical history of a patient. With additional training, a dental assistant may also take x-rays, make models of teeth and take impressions. They may also apply fluoride varnish that helps prevent tooth decay.
  • They may instruct the patients on how to maintain proper oral hygiene before and after a dental procedure. For example, they may teach the patients the proper way of brushing and flossing.
  • They also keep in contact with the vendors to handle the office supplies.
  • May also help in reception work too, communicate with the patients to schedule appointments and keep a track of billing information.

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