Being a dental assistant is a convenient way to step into the dentistry world. This is a rewarding position that helps you attain a stable income and learn the basics of being in this field. The best part is: if you are willing to work hard, you can climb up the ladder into many significant roles. One of the most sought-after positions is dental office manager, which many dental assistants strive for.

In this blog, we will explain all about the career opportunities awaiting you as a dental assistant. So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading to learn more!

What a Transition from Dental Assistant to Office Manager Looks Like

First, let us know what a dental office manager could mean for a dental assistant. Office managers are often perceived as the leaders in the dental office. If you have a dental assisting background, it is all the easier for you to find a position in office administration. The reason dental assistants are a perfect fit for administration and management roles is that they have the required expertise. Being a dental assistant teaches one to be detail-oriented, organized, and highly skilled when dealing with people and the inner workings of the dental office. With these skills, dental assistants will succeed in the transition to the manager role.

With their experience, dental assistants can easily grasp the new responsibilities, which include creating policies, procedures, schedules, and systems as well as implying them. This way, they can ensure that the office functions in the optimal manner and straighten the issues at the core.

Best Management Roles For People With a Dental Assistant Background

It depends on the dental office and which management position or job title you work for. However, generally, these are the best office management positions that are suitable for dental assistants:

  1. Scheduling Assistant: In this role, you can confidently explain the steps, time, and policies of the dental office. With your communication skills, you can help the patients complete the dentist’s treatment according to the plan. Scheduling appointments is essential since it affects the clinic hours, something you will learn as a dental assistant.
  2. Treatment Coordinator: Patients can rely on you to accurately explain the procedure and address their queries in the terms they will understand. Furthermore, you can even help patients find the most suitable payment option for them if you come from a financial or insurance background.
  3. Financial or Insurance Coordinator: This position exposes you to the world of finance and claims. As a financial or insurance coordinator, you will use your dental knowledge to help others understand the claims, dental terminology, and documentation as needed. Your knowledge of the procedures helps connect the entire process from the beginning to the end, which proves to be quite useful in claims processing. You may have more responsibilities due to the financial aspect.
  4. Office Manager: Being a dental assistant exposes you to the realities of why exactly systems are important. A dental practice needs to function with rules in motion and instant problem-solving capabilities. Hence, dental experience has faced many conflicts, and they are great candidates for this position!


Your career doesn’t end when you become a dental assistant — it is only the beginning. You can view it as a stepping stone to achieving endless possibilities and even becoming an office manager! Get started today by enrolling in Greatwood Dental Assistant Program and becoming a dental assistant. Talk to us now at (281) 728-6012

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