How Long Does It Take To Be A Dental Assistant?

If you are looking to become a dental assistant, remember that it is a great career choice because you do not need a college degree. How you pursue the course depends on your course schedule and how much time you are ready to give it daily. But the main question we answer here is how long does it take to be a dental assistant.

An average dental assistant program requires you to complete it in two hundred and seventy hours, and you can always complete it as per your commitment and schedule. Hence, you now have the flexibility to achieve your certification as well as take care of your life responsibilities to become a dental assistant.

How To Achieve A Dental Assistant Certification

To become a dental assistant, you need to have a certification and be trained to handle the job. After completing the program, you need to work as an intern and get hands-on to achieve enough experience to qualify as a dental assistant. You have to give it about one hundred and twenty hours of physical training where you will only observe the dentist and their staff. Once you have ended your training, you can now work with a dentist and assist them.

What Is The Role Of A Dental Assistant?

Some of your duties will be very comprehensive and diverse as a dental assistant. It can include:

  • Supporting the dental in their procedures
  • Take patient’s x-rays
  • Reviewing patient’s medical history
  • Assessing the patient’s blood pressure and pulse
  • Assisting patients with instructions of steps after surgery
  • Take patient’s teeth impression
  • Take care of management tasks at the dental office
  • Help patients across their time at the dental office

Are Dental Assistants Responsible For Cleaning The Teeth?

A dental assistant will be cleaning the patient’s teeth because that is a responsibility of a dental hygienist. As a dental assistant, you will not have the permission and certifications to remove plaque and tartar off the teeth.

How Much Does A Dental Assistant Make?

As per reports, a dental assistant will be about eighteen dollars fifty-nine cents per hour; equivalent to thirty-eight thousand six hundred and sixty dollars a year. Remember that these values are just for reference, and actual numbers are different depending on your experience and working pattern.

So What Is Next For You?

Now that you choose to become a dental assistant, remember that it is a great career choice. It will allow you to work with patients and work with a high-growth job and demand a persistent role. At the Greatwood Dental Assisting Program, you can enroll and begin your journey for the next decade. Call us at (281) 728-6012 to inquire more about the program and learn more about how long does it take to be a dental assistant.