It’s no surprise that dental office management attracts many dental professionals. A dental office manager supervises day-to-day office operations so that dentists can concentrate on patient care. The wide-ranging duties of managers may include maintaining appointment schedules, supervising staff, coordinating patient treatment, as well as managing finances.

What Title to Expect

The job titles for a dental office manager can vary. For example, the titles may include office manager, business manager, patient coordinator, practice administrator, or insurance and finance coordinator. Here you can see that for dental office managers, the possibilities are endless!

Salary Gains

Salaries for dental office managers depend on practice type, years of experience as a dental office manager, and size and location. Therefore, you may want to consult various sources to get the most realistic picture.

How can you become a dental office manager? Read on to learn more!

On Job Learning

Some dental office managers begin their careers working as a chairside dental assistant; while others start working at the dental office’s front desk. Some may have a degree in business, but many are trained on the job.

To test whether dental office management is the right career path for you, ask your current employer if you can become cross-trained. This approach will help you in two ways: firstly, it will help you learn about dental office management; secondly, you will be able to contribute more to the dental office by handling multiple tasks.

 Pursue Education

In most cases, dental office managers have a variety of educational backgrounds. Some dental office managers have associate or bachelor’s degrees or some other type of formal education. But there are also a variety of different educational opportunities available outside of a college or university setting.

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