The value of a dental assistant is undeniably very important. Patients often show their appreciation for all their hard work and contributions at the dental office. But there is a lot more done behind the scenes than that the patients in the front. Here is a list of some of the things a dental assistant does which patients may not know about.

Dental Assistants Ensure The Safety Of the Patients

Many dental assistants have an essential role in ensuring patients’ health and safety by helping complete infection control guidelines and protocols. Those assistants who have mastered their infection control knowledge are seen as leaders at the dental office. You will have to complete all required certifications and show your commitment towards patients’ safety to stand out of the crowd as a very knowledgeable dental assistant.

Dental Assistants Are Responsible For A Lot Of Activities

A dental assistant has to do a lot more to assist both the dentist and patients. And to do so, there is a lot of things they need to do behind the scenes. They have to set up the treatment areas, make sure instruments are ready, seat and educate patients before the treatment begins, and be a helping hand for the dentist. In some cases, the dental assistant is also doing front desk management work. With COVID-19 on the rise, dental assistants help implement social-distancing and screening protocols to prevent COVID-19 exposure.

A Dental Assistant Is An Educated Professionals

Dental assistants always keep on increasing their knowledge and skills to perform at the highest level. Although it is not mendatory, dental assistants complete a formal dental assisting educational program and always brush their healthcare-related skills. This is because there’s always so much more to learn and can help you grow in your career.

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