If you are wondering how different would be being a medical assistant vs dental assistant and which one to choose, more or less, both professions are quite similar. For both, you will work under the supervision of senior dentists and physicians. They both play a supportive role in the office. Some of their duties include managing the records of patients and explaining to them certain procedures that they need to follow.

Though the two career paths have similar nature, there are some differences as well. The medical assistants can be divided into two categories. Some choose to go for administrative work while others opt for the clinical. On the other hand, as a dental assistant, you will work and help with everything in the dental office.

Job duties of medical assistant vs dental assistant

Both assistants provide patient care either directly or indirectly and differ depending on what their supervisors ask them to do. The main difference is that the medical ones work with various parts of the body. In contrast, the dental ones work only with the mouth.

As a medical assistant, these are some of the duties you may perform, such as:

  • Schedule patient appointments and tests.
  • Go through the medical history of patients and update them.
  • Manage records and accounts of a patient.
  • Maintain lab and office equipment.
  • Assist senior doctors during checkups and exams.
  • Collect urine or blood samples for lab tests.

As a dental one, some of your duties include:

  • Get patients ready to see the dentist.
  • Manage patient record.
  • Maintain office supplies.
  • Clean the instruments before and after the procedures.
  • Carry out billing and payment procedures
  • Make patients feel relaxed before and after procedures.

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