Online schooling is an easy and convenient way of obtaining your education. While for many industries this may be acceptable it is not true in the case of dental assistant training. The best education you can achieve for dental assisting is within a classroom setting where hands-on learning and highly trained instructors are readily available.

Given below is a brief comparison of online education vs classroom training. The hands-on experience that you get at any dental assistant school is most important and acts as a stepping stone in your career. Students retain much more information when they are taught in a classroom setting.

Pros of Online Education

  • Online education provides the convenience to learn from any place of your choice.
  • Online training provides you flexibility, wherein you can plan your classes and study time according to your personal schedule.

Cons of Online Education

  • The information provided during online education is fairly difficult to retain.
  • The fast changing technology can create hurdles for some students.
  • Students learning through online education do not have the opportunity to interact with their mentors and clear their doubts when required.
  • Online learning students do not enjoy the benefit of building relationships and networks, which could give them the advantage of exchanging ideas with other classmates. The connections you make during your regular classes could be the resources throughout your career.
  • The flexibility provided by online education can become a challenge for some people who do not have self-discipline.

Pros of Classroom Education

  • A larger classroom becomes an interactive education platform, which promotes the exchange of ideas, questions and answers, critical thinking, problem-solving and network building.
  • The ability to learn a skill by personally performing it is vastly different and far more effective than textbook learning. You can never put a price on ‘hands-on-experience’.
  • Classroom learning provides the students the opportunity to gain information in different ways. This could be through audio, through a visual or through group interaction.
  • Students have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with the instructors to clear their doubts or seek any clarification.

Cons of Classroom Education

  • Students who lack confidence might find it difficult to speak up in a large classroom setting. This in-turn could hamper their learning process.


While both, classroom education and online education have their own advantages and disadvantages, the advantages enjoyed by students of classroom training far outweigh the advantages enjoyed by the students who undergo online education.