Responsibilities of Dentist vs Oral Surgeon

No matter if its dentist vs. dental surgeon, both take care of the oral health of their patients. Dentists monitor the dental health of their patients and carry out the routine check-ups. They respond to dental cases such as cavities or toothache. They may also educate their patients on how to improve their mental health. On the other hand, oral surgeons treat patients who have deformities or other similar dental issues. They carry out surgery on patients to resolve their specific dental issues.


Treating the patients’ teeth is the specialization of dentists. However, they may also treat other mouth-related issues such as gum disease. Dentists usually work in a dental clinic or office, and you can find them easily during the daytime hours with occasional weekend or evening shifts. They have to work hours while standing and bending. To carry out the practice, they must have a Doctor of Dentistry degree, which must be licensed.

Some of the job responsibilities of a dentist include:

  • Talking to patients regarding their dental health
  • Treating patients with cavities
  • Ordering dentures for their patients

Dental Surgeon

For a dental surgeon, it is necessary to have a Doctor of Dental surgery degree, along with the license of their specialty. They need to complete a residency as a part of their training. Since they perform surgeries form minor to major, their work can include standing for very long hours.

These are some of the job responsibilities of a dental surgeon such as:

  • Reviewing the dental records of patients
  • Determining the type of surgery
  • Tooth extraction
  • Prescribing medicines

Related Careers

If you are thinking of becoming a dentist, you can also give yourself a chance to become an orthodontist because they provide treatments to patients who need braces.

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