About Scholarship

At Greatwood Dental Assisting Program, we have started the New Year offering our students an opportunity to receive a scholarship towards tuition. Students who apply must meet certain criteria which include financial hardships as well as a positive transcript from latest form of schooling. A minimum of a 2-page essay will be required.

Next session starts from March 27th. Deadline for applications is March 22nd. Decision to the winner will be selected by March 26th.

If you need further information please call (281) 728-6012.
Our Address
Greatwood Dental Assisting Program
19875 Southwest Freeway, Ste 120


Below are topics we would like each applicant to mention in their essay. Applicants can add additional information that would help improve their chances of being selected.

  • What inspired you to become a dental assistant?
  • What are your expectations from a dental assisting program?
  • What are your 5-yr. goals after receiving your RDA?

Our scholarship essays will be voted on by our staff, and a winner will be contacted by our office representatives. The value of the scholarship will be $300.00.

Our latest Scholarship Winner

Here is an essay submitted by our scholarship winner:

What inspired me to become a Dental Assistant? While growing up, I found myself looking forward to dental visits rather than being scared like most of my peers. I partly attributed this to the kind of treatment I received while getting my orthodontic treatments, mostly from the dental assistants who guided me to help realize optimal oral health. I expect to obtain a wide array of skills from a dental assisting program. I would like to gain practical work experience to perform the standard chair side assisting functions. To begin with, I anticipate that at the end of the training I would be able to perform basis lab procedures, which includes working with x-rays, dentures and molds of teeth, under the dentist’s instruction. The training would also ensure that I am able and competent enough to help with oral surgery and other procedures. The program should also equip me with patient relation skills and the necessary clinical support services. Additionally, I should be able to perform the basic business office duties like keeping patient’s records, scheduling appointments and working with patients on billing and payments like with preparing insurance claims.

After obtaining my RDA, I would like to expand my knowledge and skillset alongside providing assistance to the practitioner. Currently, there is a wide array of options viable for assistants to expand their knowledge through events with keynote speakers, online courses and webinars. This training would set me up for a career as a dental hygienist, which I am also passionate about.  The skills learned while working as a dental assistant would come in handy when examining patients for oral infections and also educating them on how to improve their oral health.

Currently, the oral care industry needs more trained professionals to perform treatment duties. With so many open positions, the individuals hired to fill these might not be competent or equipped with the necessary training or expertise necessary for the position. I am hopeful that the skills that I will have acquired by the end of my training will help practitioners hand out quality health care by easing the pressure associated with the dentist’s appointment by serving both the patient and the dentist according to their needs. Personally, the RDA would help me to develop my career since it’s aligned with my goals of being a competent dental hygienist. In a nutshell, it would provide me with an opportunity to work towards a community with goo oral health and hygiene.