No doubt, being in the medical field has many benefits. It is, by far, one of the most rewarding jobs out there. That is perhaps why even the dental field is on the rise. However, as heartwarming as it is, becoming a dental assistant isn’t exactly a piece of cake. There’s a lot of skill and hard work that goes into fulfilling your dreams.

So, if you too want to become a dental assistant, there are some things you need to keep in mind. That is why in this blog, we’ll list everything you need to know before pursuing a dental assistant certificate.

  1. The Dental Field is Growing Everyday The one good thing about becoming a dental assistant is that there are plenty of jobs in the market. Since the dental field is growing super fast, it has been estimated that by 2026, there will be an additional 18% increase in dental assistant jobs. So you no longer have to worry about unemployment when chasing your dental dreams.
  2. Excellent Communication Skills One of the main jobs of a dental assistant is to communicate with the patients. This means that you will need to have excellent command over your customer service skills. When patients feel nervous or scared before their surgery, you’ll need to comfort them and talk them down. Similarly, having good communication skills also allows you to interact with the head dentist with ease. Understanding what the dentist is saying and then conveying it to the patients, among other menial duties, is what you should excel at.
  3. You Gotta Be Quick on Your Feet Manual dexterity is key for dental assistants. Since you’ll be required to be on your feet most of the time, being quick to handle situations is a given. Be it on the administrative side or practical; dental assistants must be swift, especially when dealing with tasks that require precision and utmost care. Such as taking an x-ray or being a stand-in during an invasive dental surgery.
  4. Detail is Key A detail-oriented person is always in need. Even more so when it comes to dental assistants. Considering how they deal with dental situations, their attention to detail might help diagnose the patients in time. Moreover, sterilizing the equipment, preparing surgical tools, setting the tray, etc., are all jobs that require someone who is meticulous.
  5. Working Under Pressure is the Norm Be prepared to work under constant pressure, not in a bad way, but through a busy rush. Since dental assistants have to move around a lot and have many responsibilities to deal with, it’s normal for them to work under pressure. Thus, this is something you should be accustomed to. Keeping your cool and remaining calm when under pressure is essential to becoming a dental assistant.
  6. Good at Solo Riding Being able to work independently is a sign of a good dental assistant since sometimes you might have to take the lead when the dentist is out of the office. You will have to complete your tasks on time, ensure they’re done right, and keep everything well-organized.
  7. You Need to be Tech-Savvy No dental assistant can function without having superb technical skills. Handling the x-ray machine, suction device, and other electronic lab equipment is an absolute must.

Long Story Short

Becoming a dental assistant is undoubtedly very fulfilling and rewarding. But in return, it also asks you to dedicate your time and patience to the field. Hopefully, after finding out about the top seven things to keep in mind, you now feel well-prepared for your dental journey. For more information on dental assistants, contact Greatwood Dental Assisting Program at (281) 728-6012