By now, we have had multiple discussions on the skills you need as a dental assistant. From listening to communication, these traits help you become better at your job. Being a dental assistant is pretty rewarding, and doing it right is what we all aim for. After all, you are a part of the dentistry world that helps people feel confident in their smile while preventing oral health issues.

In today’s blog post, however, we will discuss how you can secure your future as a dental assistant using skills that demand high pay and a good position. Therefore, keep reading to learn the ins and outs of this rewarding trade!

What Makes You Stand Out as a Dental Assistant

If you have chosen the dental assistant career path, there is a lot you will learn, including valuable skills. Here are some skills that can help ensure your career as a dental assistant is safe and secure you high-paying jobs:

  • In-Office Training
    Nothing comes close to the power of hands-on in-office training for a dental assistant. If you have experience in a certain setting, such as pediatrics, orthodontics, etc., as a dental assistant, it can provide you with opportunities to work for those types of offices. Moreover, you may even get an offer with an increased salary, given that you have adequate training and experience. Having command in a specialized practice setting can improve your chances of qualifying for the job in the competitive market.
    You may also opt for externships and work with non-profit community health clinics to receive exposure as well as training in live dental work, preparing you for a successful future.
  • Special Dental Assistant Skills
    Usually, the responsibilities of a dental assistant include setting up instrument trays, preparing materials, disinfecting instruments, and more. You can, however, go a step further and learn the required skills and tasks while you are studying to become a dental assistant. You will learn them later under the guidance of fellow assistants or dentists, but excelling in those skills beforehand gives you an advantage, shows dedication, and makes it possible to secure a job. That’s not all — learning soft skills goes a long way too!
  • Increasing Credentials Regarding Functions
    The more tasks you can perform, the more responsibilities you can be trusted with. Hence, the more skills you know as an entry-level dental assistant, the more favorable you become as a potential hire. With your knowledge of skills, the dental practice will run smoothly, and your hourly wage may increase. In short, expanding function credentials improves your future as a dental assistant.
  • Dental Assisting National Board or DANB Certification
    Having extra credentials will never go to waste, especially if you are a dental assistant. Depending on where you choose to work, you can sit for the dental assisting national board or state tests. This way, you have the opportunity to enhance your resume.
  • Office Management
    Dental assistants are well aware of the daily ongoing and the ins and outs of the dental practice, which equips them with the necessary skills to become office managers. Yes, dental assistants can get promoted to medical professions with increased salaries and additional responsibilities with great potential.


In conclusion, there are many skills that can help you secure higher pay as a dental assistant. So get started on this journey by enrolling in Greatwood Dental Assisting Program today. Dial (281) 728-6012 to talk to us or give us a visit at 19875 SW Freeway, Suite 120A Sugar Land, Texas 77479.

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