Dental assistant is a career that you might find very rewarding. Becoming a dental assistant involves more than acquiring knowledge from text books. Developing chairside hand skills is another component, which is essential in completing your education. At Greatwood Dental Assisting Program we strongly believe in Clinical and didactic education together produces well rounded dental assistants.

Greatwood Dental Assisting Program offers a certificate after the completion of the course. The following are topics that are required to teach for a 10 week program:

Profession (Profession & Legal Aspects of Dental Assisting)

The Sciences (Anatomy and Physiology)

Infection Prevention and Hazardous Materials

Dental Treatment, Clinical Dentistry and Moisture Control

Patient Care including Medical Emergencies & CPR

Dental Imaging (Radiation Safety & Oral Radiology)

Preventive Dentistry (Home Care Techniques and Nutrition)

Restorative Dentistry (Instruments, Restorative Material)

Specialized Dentistry (Periodontics, Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, etc)

Preparation for Employment (Resume’s)

Besides the educational part of dental assisting, the state board of dental examiners

may require background checks on every applicant. The student will have a time limit to

submit the report to the state board before it expires, along with all documents required.

A copy of the state board examination results, CPR certification, state ID with social security

card along with the state board application signed and dated by the notary public must be sent

to the state board. Soon after the documents are received by the state board, they will

notify you to call a number with a code, to set –up appointment for fingerprinting. The

fingerprints are submitted to the state board , FBI and the National Security Agency, The

students registration certificate will be sent to the student . The student is now a Registered

Dental Assistant, ready to perform duties that are allowed by the state board of dental


New graduates are not required to do continuing education (CE) in the first year after graduation. However, after the first year, six hours of CE is required annually before you can renew your RDA certificate.

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