Studies show that there will be a rise in dental assistants’ requirements by almost twenty to thirty percent by the year 2026. Such could be the result of multiple factors, a few of which this article will discuss:

Patients Have Become More Health Conscious

In the past, a patient would only visit their doctor if they felt they had some dental problem, but today people have learned that dental health is strongly linked to several other health problems in their the body. This information has resulted in a higher number of patients visiting their dentist on regular occasions.

These stats will build in the coming years. Since a dentist needs an assistant for even the simplest tasks, dental assistants will be required even more.

A Never-Ending Desire To Live Long

During the 70s, the average age at the time of death had been in the 50s, and it now rose to 70. Even the elderly wish they could live longer and look younger. That requires specific measures, which include regularly visit a dentist. This leads to more work for a dentist, which in turn raises the requirement for dental assistants.

Advanced Equipment:

Take a look at how things were a decade ago? You would walk into a dentist’s office, and the first thing you would see would be the scaler, burnisher, curette, and all the other regular tools a dentist would have.

In the 70s, you would find that same table carrying a plugging mallet, a bite gauge, and even a foot-operated drill.

Today, dentist have the latest tools and equipment available:

  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation
  • Intraoral Camera
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Invisalign
  • VELscope
  • Digital X-Rays

Such methods and technological advancements have made it obligatory for a dentist to have an assistant dentist accompany them.

Why Do People Want To Become A Dental Assistant?

Some of the reasons why people look forward to becoming a dental assistant are:

  • Feasible schedule’s
  • A hefty pay
  • Lots of room for growth

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