As per the current trends, there is a huge demand for different posts in the field of dentistry. A dental assistant plays a key role, as he is like the dentist’s right hand. He provides services and support to him and the patients at the clinic. However, many people are not clear about an assistant’s role and requirements; and how is the study of microorganisms essential for this role. If you want to know why microbiology is important to the dental assistant, let’s read ahead to find out.

Microbiology in dentistry

First of all, it is essential to know that Microbiology is the study of tiny life forms that we cannot see with the naked eye. Many types of bacteria live in our mouth; however, only a small percentage causes oral problems like decay and diseases. Others help in digestion and protect the immune system. Hence, this study gives an insight to a dentist or dental assistant on which bacteria are harmful.

Role of a dental assistant

A dental assistant plays an essential role in the clinic; he has to be a multitasker. Few of his duties include;

  • Dealing with the patients the whole time when they are at the clinic; this includes welcoming them, discussing medical history, explaining the treatment, taking X-rays, etc.
  • He has to work with the dentist, make notes, prepare for surgery, and help when the need arises.
  • Arrange dental tools, carefully sterilize, and place them in racks.
  • Put sealant on teeth, and polish them, and much more.

Why is microbiology important to the dental assistant during COVID-19?

At the dental clinic, several patients come, and many of them are even sick. Hence, they might carry viruses and bacteria along, so the surroundings and tools must be sterilized; otherwise, it can affect staff or other patients’ health. It is necessary to follow strict practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as we all know that the disease is spread by a coronavirus that is not visible to the naked eye.

Safety precautions to take

The study of microbiology help determines an individual’s strength to fight the virus. However, talking about COVID-19 still much research is needed in the area; but, the dental assistant can guide patients to prevent its spread.

  • Teach them to wear proper gear to avoid the spread of this disease,
  • Guide them to develop the habit of staying clean and washing hands
  • And talk about maintaining social distance at all times

A dental assistant will not do research on the microorganisms, but keep a safe and healthy environment using microbiology knowledge.

Dental assisting program

So, why is microbiology essential to the dental assistant? Simply, to protect the health and patient’s life who arrive at the dental clinic. If you are looking forward to becoming a dental assistant, contact us at the Greatwood Dental Assisting program. We have several options available that will train you for the role. Hence, to know about various programs offered, call at (281) 728-6012 .