Did you know you get to work with children as a pediatric dental assistant? If you opt for pediatric dental care, you will have the chance to help children. From infants to teenagers, a pediatric dental assistant works with them all. They specialize in dental health for children, having the experience, knowledge, and qualifications to care for their oral health. Hence, they assist the dentist in caring for the children’s oral health.

What Are Some Helpful Tips for A Pediatric Dental Assistant?

Working with children requires one to be caring and gentle. In terms of oral health, children have different problems than adults. As their teeth develop, they have to be taught to care for them. Moreover, they should learn what can lead to misaligned teeth, as that can form further dental issues. Usually, children are visiting the dentist for the first time. Even if they are not, the dentist’s appointment might have negative connotations. Therefore, if you are planning to be a pediatric dental assistant or are one already, these tips might be helpful:

Help Children Become Less Anxious
As a pediatric dental assistant, you will come across children who are nervous while climbing onto the dental chair. But before they get into the dentist’s chair, they might run into you first. Try to help them manage their stress and explain the procedure to them in honest and simple words. You can guide them through deep-breathing exercises or other relaxation techniques in the exam chair. Doing so will help the children calm down before their procedure.

Another thing that might help is removing any instruments or tools that the dentist does not need to use during the procedure. Dangerous-looking visible equipment might scare the child even more. Moreover, speak to them in a calm, nurturing voice.

Use Age-Appropriate Language
While talking to anyone, we should be mindful of our words. This is especially true in regards to children. Thus, while explaining the procedure to them, use a language they are familiar with. It is also important not to scare the kids more. For example, don’t tell them that the dentist will use this tool or that tool to remove the cavity and then put another material in their tooth. Instead, try explaining the procedure to them step-by-step in a non-frightening tone. Tell them that the procedure won’t hurt a bit, and they will be free of the cavity soon. Moreover, remind them that it will only lessen their pain (if they have any).

Distract the Child
The child needs distractions to keep their mind off of the procedure. If it is an infant or a toddler, they won’t even know what is going on. Hence, just handing them a toy to keep their hands busy might help. Furthermore, you can play a TV show or nursery rhyme they like. If they are older, around school age, try striking up a conversation with them. Ask them about their favorite subject or something similar, and show interest in what they say. You can also tell them to count the ceiling tiles or give them something to occupy their mind.

The Closing Word

Being a pediatric dental assistant comes with the responsibility of knowing how to deal with children. Therefore, you should have hands-on knowledge of relaxation techniques. Moreover, you should know how to sound gentle and talk to children of all ages. If being a dental assistant sounds appealing to you, you can join our dental assistant program at Greatwood Dental Assisting Program. Just dial (281) 728-6012 to contact us for any information.