Dental Assisting 101: Your Starting Point to Dental Excellence

Nov 1, 2023

Dental assisting is an exciting and rewarding career that plays a crucial role in dentistry. If you’re considering a healthcare career and are keenly interested in oral health, becoming a dental assistant at a school in Sugar Land, TX, might be the perfect starting point. This article discusses why you should consider dental assisting as […]

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Effective Patient Communication: Building Trust in Your Dental Assistant Training

Aug 1, 2023

When it comes to dental assistant training, one of the most crucial skills to master is effective patient communication. As a Certified Dental Assistant, you play a pivotal role in ensuring patients feel comfortable and confident during their dental visits. Establishing trust and rapport with patients is essential for a successful dental practice, and communication […]

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5 Reasons Continuing Education for Dental Assistants is Important

Jun 30, 2023

Your career is not over once your dental assisting training program ends and you take on your job — no, you can increase your skill set even more and continue to grow. While there are many career paths in front of you, continuing education as a dental assistant is something that will definitely help! In […]

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5 Differences Between Dental Assistants & Orthodontic Assistants

Jun 15, 2023

Everyone knows dentists specialize in some fields, such as orthodontics, periodontics, and more, but did you know dental assistants can expand their skill set and knowledge by opting for a certain field of dentistry as well? For instance, orthodontics focus on the structure of teeth and jaws, helping their patients align their teeth in proper […]

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Infection Control in Dental Assisting: How You Can Help

May 30, 2023

With the onset of Covid-19, infection control and SOPs are highlighted everywhere. However, medical professionals have been practicing the proper methods of infection control and sanitization since the beginning. Dentistry, too, involves taking required precautions to avoid any infection breakouts or any other consequences. Dental assistants play a significant role in infection control, which is […]

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