While discussing dental hygienist vs. RN, it seems a comparison between dentistry and medicine. However, both positions have their importance and different responsibilities. The changes and comparison in roles will help people who are deciding which career to opt for in the future. An rn or registered nurse has to have an entirely different type of education and learn other skills to work. Moreover, the salary structure also varies between the roles.

Dental hygienist vs. rn

Medicine is a vast field and plays a significant role in our life. There is hardly any person on this earth who has never visited a hospital or clinic; the scenario seems impossible. Hence, the Healthcare sector is essential, and dental hygienists and registered nurses are crucial parts. So, to compare, lets first look at the roles individually;

Role of dental hygienist

A dental hygienist plays an active part in oral health care. Treating oral diseases like gingivitis or cleaning plaque and polishing and professional cleaning of teeth comes under the hygienist’s job category. Furthermore, they help their patients in maintaining good oral hygiene and teach them the correct ways of keeping oral health. A dental hygienist’s role is at the dental clinic and various hospitals, healthcare institutes, old age centers, and schools.

Pros and cons of dental hygienist

The advantage of this role is that you don’t have to give extra hours at your duty. A hygienist never works at night, weekends, or on holidays. Furthermore, his work requires dealing with one patient at a time, treating, teaching, and guiding all the oral tips he needs. For some, this role can be a bit unexciting as the same routine continues each day. Besides, different patients come, but with similar problems each day.

Role of a registered nurse

A registered nurse has to handle the patients coming with different medical conditions. From giving medicines, checking patients to making their recovery and progress reports is her responsibility. A nurse maintains patients’ medical history and provides complete support to the doctor during the patient’s treatment procedures. Along with the hospital, she can work in camps, military bases, the aviation industry, or cruise ships.

Pros and cons of a registered nurse

The plus point of this role is that there are many areas to specialize in, and each needs a different training. So, whichever interest the nurse has, from pediatric to intensive care to rehabilitation and more, she can choose accordingly. Hence there is a variety; moreover, new cases come up every day. The work is challenging, and there is a lot to learn daily. The disadvantage is there is no fixed time, and usually, nurses have to work many hours of the day and even on weekends and holidays. There is an emotion involved in the job, and at times the patient and their families need a lot of care and support.

Hence, when comparing dental hygiene vs. RN, both roles vary and need different pieces of training. To learn more about the dental training programs, contact the Greatwood Dental Assisting program. Call us at (281) 728-6012 or email at info@gdap.net.