There was a time when no female dentist or a research assistant existed. And there was also a time when no male was found as a childcare provider or a flight attendant. But time has changed, and this line of division is not visible in today’s modern society. Society and mindset have advanced. You will find females in every possible field of work. Females are even working as pilots and males working as secretaries and nurses. Then why leave behind the field of dentistry? So yes, male dental assistants do exist and are here at your service.

It is a good time to live in where the self-created boundaries of gender biases in career, are diminishing. And the society is laying less focus on the career paths of males and females. If you have not come across a male dental assistant until now, ask your friends they must have met one or two.

Why would it be great?

Males can do a great job being dental assistants. It is because this job requires standing and immobility in awkward positions for long hours, which may cause immense pain and muscle contractions. As compared to females, males are naturally strong and can easily handle physical stress.

Apart from physical strength, this job requires a strong heart. Some surgeries can involve heavy blood loss, and you need a hard heart to witness and provide assistance in situations like these.

Being a dental assistant means you need to be a multiplayer. An assistant not only assists the dentist before or after the checkup or surgery, but they also play an important part in handling a dental clinic—a dental assistant helps in maintaining patient records, bookkeeping, checking on office supplies, and much more. A male can handle multiple chores with much less trouble.

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