Dentistry is not an easy career; as you rise, there are numerous challenges to face. It is one of the most stressful occupations; however, there are lots of positive aspects too. Besides, no work is stress-free, and all have their pros and cons. The article will describe the stress and strain that come across if you choose to become a dentist or dental assistant. Moreover, it will tell ways to cope with stress and provide the best treatment to your patients. Besides, satisfaction is essential. Your occupation should be such that you feel happy and satisfied at the end of the day.


Burnout is a state of extreme stress and strain that results over time due to extreme exhaustion at work. It can happen with anyone in any profession; when you are burnout, you tend to leave everything and desire for a change. The situation is expected in the dental field as they continuously face physical and mental stress throughout the day. Daily, many patients arrive at the clinic with different oral problems; it’s stressful to meet up the targets, manage patients and treat them all within the time. However, they try to give their best with each case.

A dental assistant is on their feet the whole day. It all adds to physical stress. Moreover, there are several uncomfortable positions in which the practitioner has to stand and use hands to provide treatment. There are days when they hardly get any rest; the patients come in continually, adding to heavy workloads. But don’t worry, there are ways to manage the stress, and it is not so terrifying you might need breaks in the middle to refresh yourself. A dental assistant is also one of the best careers to choose, and it has excellent future perspectives.

Signs of Stress and strain for dental assistant

These signs will tell you that it’s time to have a short break away from work with your loved ones. Plan a trip and go on a vacation; it will make things better.

  • Don’t feel hungry, skip meals, and start having more junk food.
  • Working for extra hours, even during breaks and weekends.
  • Difficulty waking up in the morning
  • Feeling boredom at work, lack of concentration, and not getting satisfaction
  • Reduce socializing with friends
  • Losing interest in hobbies

These are common signs of burnout; hence, there is no need to close the clinic or switch careers; just take a small break. It is essential for you and your patients.

Ways to prevent stress and strain

Apart from a short vacation, these tips will help you cope with your stress as a dental assistant.

  • Manage the workload efficiently and restrict a few measures like the number of patients each day. Also, take proper time out for lunch breaks and encourage the same environment at the clinic. During breaks don’t work.
  • Have a friendly working environment. Talk, socialize and laugh with your co-workers; it helps in reducing stress.

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