Safety should be the priority in all cases; a wise say that each second is necessary if the heart stops. Imagine if one of your dear ones is hurt and wounded or is in between life and death, you would go to any extreme to help him out. Therefore first aid/CPR training is essential. You never know when you will need it in life. Moreover, having professional training for it makes you skilled in applying the techniques, and you can save others at the time of need. The training will teach you to use the necessary aids safely and properly at the right time.

First aid

At any moment, anyone can need first aid. Let’s say, for instance, while rushing to work, and you fell down the stairs; or a child while playing got mishit and is now bleeding. Both of these situations might need immediate first aid. The problem can get any worse, and a severe medical emergency first aid can save a life. However, most of us know the necessary skills and can treat minor burns, cuts, insect stings, and similar issues. Professional training will brush up your skills.

Treating minor injuries

Mostly, a bandage is used to cover up small wounds, burns, and cuts. If the area is large, you might use gauze pads or roller bandages. Simple steps to cover the wounded area are;

  • First, hold the area properly and then wrap the bandage over the wound. Completely cover the site, be careful to wrap the damage firmly.
  • Next, a sticky Band-Aid will help for a small wound; however, when using gauze pads and roller bandages, fasten it with sticky tape and safety pins. This would heal the area and not let the impurities pass in.
  • Finally, check that the bandage is appropriately wrapped but not very tight. In case, loosen it a bit; otherwise, the flow of blood can stop in the area and cause more significant problems. An easy way to check the limb’s blood circulation with a bandage is by pinching the finger or toenail until the color drains. Let go in a few seconds, and it will be back to normal.

First aid/CPR training for Emergencies

In an emergency like third-degree burns or if breathing stops due to drowning in water, medical help is needed immediately. However, the use of first aid or CPR can save a life till the help arrives. A properly trained individual will take the right measures by looking at the situation. A

wrong act can worsen the person’s condition in danger, and result in losing precious life. A first aid CPR done correctly can bring back the losing breath until the arrival of an ambulance.

Hence first aid/CPR training can teach life skills. Such courses are available at Greatwood Dental Assisting Program. Related programs will teach you about tackling emergencies and using appropriate techniques to save a life. Call us at (281)728-6012 or email at