Most people are happy being a dental assistant. This career proves to bring out the blend of administrative, interpersonal, and clinical skills as a single unit. But there are some aspects of this profession that assistants may not be aware of before jumpstarting their careers.

The Love of Helping the Patients

Many dental assistants do not realize how satisfying patient care can be. With their caring nature and dental knowledge, many assistants say working with patients is the best part of their jobs. They enjoy educating patients about oral healthcare, easing their dental fears, and assisting the dentist with treatments.

How Fascinating It Would Be

Most dental assistants find their job more interesting than they thought of. From extractions to fillings to root canals, dental assistants are fascinated by every procedure they are involved in. They love learning about those procedures and new techniques and technologies to upgrade their clinical skills.

The Office Drama

Even the dental office is not free of workplace politics. Being a dental assistant, you may have to deal with gossips or difficult co-workers in the office. Some deal with it by totally ignoring the drama and staying positive. While others tactfully confront the difficult situations and resolve them before they cultivate. Navigating office drama is one part of the job that some dental assistants don’t expect.

How It Can Take a Toll

Dental assisting can leave their impact on the body. Assistants engage in monotonous tasks and stand for most of the day. They risk developing injuries to their neck, back, hands, hips, legs, and feet. To help reduce the risks of these types of injuries, there are certain things you can add to your daily routine, such as:

  • Maintaining a good posture
  • Stretching and exercising regularly
  • Taking a healthy and balanced diet

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