Below, we will highlight what a dental assistant (D.A.) will go through to be certified and how long this can take. If you are one of those considering a career in dental assistant work, you have a huge role to fill. This is because dental assistants ensure that patients receive the best possible care while also assisting the dentist with important procedures.

Becoming a dental assistant

Becoming a dental assistant varies anywhere from nine months to two years of additional schooling or training. A D.A. will have to achieve a typical four-year degree, but then they can earn their certification as a dental assistant.

A person can take courses at a community or vocational college to receive this certification. Nowadays, there are even online classes or training centers designated solely for people who want to be dental assistants.

Depending on the area where one lives, there might be different requirements they would have to fulfill to start a D.A. job at a dental office. Some states require a two-year associate degree while others only require a certification from a designated program.

Why it matters

For those considering a career as a D.A., it is essential to know what training would include and how long it would take. There are many important things to learn as a D.A. because you provide the best possible care to patients. Many people panic about visiting the dentist and the procedures, so dental assistants must learn how to interact with patients. Dental assistants are also responsible for assisting the dentist in any way that they can.

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