The flexibility that dental assisting offers makes it an appealing career choice. A prospective dental assistant can work his or her way into the profession by either attending dental assisting school or getting training on the job. Both options allow the students to quickly enter the field and start building their careers. However, one way may prove more beneficial than the other depending on a number of factors.

Learning the Fundamentals

Many dental assistants attending formal dental assisting programs receive a comprehensive and well-planned education. Formal education provides the students with knowledge of best practices. They learn the theories behind techniques and procedures and standardized ways of performing them. While with the on-job training, some dentists may not cover those fundamental aspects of dental assisting.

Finding the Right Dentist

A dental assistant receiving training on the job should work with dentists who are committed to both education and training.

Motivation Matters

The best on-the-job-trained assistants are self-motivated as they educate themselves inside and outside the dental office.

For some people, learning directly about professionalism, customer service, are benefits of on-the-job training. Some assisting programs incorporate clinical externships into the curriculum. This enables the assistants to receive direct experience with patients in a dental practice, allowing them to hone their professionalism and patient skills.

Back to School

However, training on the job is not suitable for everyone. The high-stress, fast-paced environment of a dental practice means assistants must learn and act fast. If one wants to learn in a controlled environment, with the ability to review concepts and practice procedures before assisting with patient treatment, dental assisting school may be a better choice.

Formal dental assisting programs also expose a future assistant to various procedures and skills he or she may not learn about with on the job training.

Keep Learning

No matter what path you choose, supplement your education and training with lifelong learning.

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