A dental assistant is an important member of a dental team. They work as the right hand of a dentist and assist them through the whole dental procedure. They increase the efficiency of a dentist to deliver high-quality oral health care. Not only that, but they also help patients to calm down before and after the checkup. Apart from these, there are lots of other responsibilities that a dental assistant carry out, such as:

  • They make sure that the room environment is clean and free form all sorts of infections. Cleaning the instruments before the checkup and washing the used ones afterward, is also their duty.
  • They carry out some general tasks too. Such as helping the dentist in collecting information about the oral health of a patient and managing their records.
  • Some of them take extra training and become eligible to take x-rays and models of teeth.
  • One of the important duties of an assistant is to guide the patients on how to take proper care of their health. As each patient have different oral health conditions and treatment, therefore, an assistant studies their conditions and gives the guidelines.
  • They also keep track of office supplies and contact the vendors.
  • They help in handling the reception work too. The work includes communicating with the patients to schedule appointments and tracking the billing information.
  • They also act as a bridge between a patient and the dentist. At moments when a patient is unable to visit the clinic but needs emergency dental care. An assistant can communicate the situation to the dentist and convey the instructions back to the patient.

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