Dental assistants are known to have some of the busiest days compared to any other medical field. They keep everything in the office running smoothly and make sure the patients have a positive experience. Therefore, it’s important to get your training from an accredited dental assistant school in Houston.

What does a dental assistant do day-to-day? Let’s take a look.

Starting The Day

The day usually begins with a quick meeting to discuss the upcoming appointments. Following that, a dental assistant will meet each new patient, check them in, and get their insurance information, medical history, etc. After that, they’ll lead patients to an exam room or treatment chair, where they’ll begin charting.


Charting is very important, and a dental assistant will chart each patient’s specific needs such as x-rays, the status of crowns, fillings, etc. They prepare the room for treatment or exams by making sure everything they need is in the right place and set up properly. If there are special requests for patients, like using headphones during procedures (like most oral surgeon’s request), assistants make sure those things are ready and available.

You’ll receive all of this training from your dental assistant school, so don’t worry!

After Prep Work Is Done

Once the prep work is done, they’ll meet with the doctor to discuss how they plan on doing the procedures. Once procedures start, it’s easy to observe what a dental assistant does day-to-day. Throughout everything, assistants help the doctor with whatever is needed and make sure everything goes smoothly. They’ll also clean instruments, keep a patient calm, and sometimes even assist on procedures.

End of the Day

At the end of their shift, they’ll go over the schedule for the next day with staff to make sure everyone knows who needs to be where at what time (if it’s an office with multiple dentists). They’ll organize charting materials and start charting if they need to continue after clocking out for the day. You’ll learn all about charting from your dental assistant program in Sugar Land!

Before leaving, they’ll meet with each dentist or doctor individually to show them how procedures went that day and what else might need attention before their next appointment.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! That’s what dental assistants do day-to-day. As you can see, they’re very important, and without them, the office would not function. Despite what people might think, it’s more than just answering phones and running errands.