A dental assistant internship is essential to help you acquire the skills you’ll need when you’re actually working in the dental office. This is where you’ll get to do what you have been learning in your classes all along. Therefore, paying attention in class is important! Internships are beneficial as they equip you with the practical skills you’ll need when you’re actually working as a dental assistant.

Carry on reading this blog to learn what’s included in the responsibility of a dental intern and how this experience will help you.

What’s Included in the Responsibilities of a Dental Assistant Intern?

When you’re studying to be a dental assistant, you’re also building the foundation of becoming a professional. So when the opportunities for internships arrive, you should expect to put your knowledge to some use. Some dental assistant intern responsibilities include:

  • Lending a helping hand to the dentist in various procedures
  • Using your communication skills to communicate with the patients and colleagues
  • Sterilizing dental instruments
  • Assisting with the front office management
  • Patient Electronic Health Records (EHR) update
  • Utilizing your understanding of dental terminology, emergency procedures, and more
  • Performing radiological tasks like exposing and processing x-rays

How Can a Dental Assistant Internship Help You?

The transition from a dental assistant student to an intern can be a bit overwhelming. If you work at a different office, it’s called an externship. But the experience helps shape you into a professional. The internship tasks will get you familiar with your responsibilities during the on-job training. Furthermore, the dental assistant internship offers the following advantages:

1. Helps You Feel Confident When Entering the Job Market

The real-world experience you will gain at the internship will help you become confident in what you do. This way, you will know that you have what it takes to be a dental assistant. When you see what you do helps the dental office in becoming efficient, you’ll feel happy about the career path you chose. Hence, when you enter the job market, you will not feel as if you’re not experienced.

2. Builds a Stronger Resume

Hands-on experience counts a lot when you’re applying for a job. This is exactly what dental assistant internships are excellent for. You won’t be an amateur, inexperienced graduate anymore. In short, having hands-on experience on your resume will demonstrate that you have the ability and knowledge to perform the expected tasks. Moreover, you can list the tasks you carried out to let the recruiters know what you’re experienced in.

3 .Gives You a Better Understanding of the Real Dental Assistant Work

Reading about something is much different than actually doing it. All the information that your dental assistant course arms you with will be put to the test once you step into your role as an intern. First-hand experiences teach you a lot about the minor things and details of the career you chose. Therefore, you’ll deal with situations that will turn into valuable lessons. This helps you learn some of the tricks of the dental assistant trade.

Looking for the Best Dental Assistant Program?

The dental assistant internship will help you develop practical skills you’ll need once you enter the job market. Moreover, it enhances your confidence and helps build a stronger resume. Greatwood Dental Assisting Program hands its students the best theoretical tools they’ll need in their careers. Talk to us at (281) 979-7111 for more information. You can also visit us at 19875 SW Freeway, Suite 120A, Sugar Land, Texas 77479.

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