With the recent boom in the dental market, the value of dental assistants has severely risen. So much, so that dental assistants are in very high demand.

Maybe it’s because you don’t need to go through an extensive college program to secure a job. Or simply because it doesn’t break the bank, but people have been more consistently opting for the role of a dental assistant.

However, before you dive headfirst into choosing what career path fits you better, there are some things you need to be aware of. For instance, did you know to become a dental assistant, you need to renew your certification occasionally? Or that a certified and registered dental assistant are two different categories of the same niche?

In this blog, we’ll explore the differences between the two leading dental assistant certification types.

What do Dental Assistants do?

Contrary to popular belief, dental assistants have a far more practical hand in the day-to-day happenings of a dental clinic. They play a vital role when it comes to running the office and ensuring everything is up to par. From handling administrative duties to minor dental practices, dental assistants are the backbone of every clinic.

Although most of their on-hand experiences are overlooked by a dentist, dental assistants have their own charm. They ensure patient records and files are well-maintained, all the while keeping track of inventory.

It may seem tiring at first, though it’s anything but. A dental assistant’s job is highly gratifying and rewarding. Helping people regain their confidence and smiles is nothing short of a wonderful experience.

What is a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA)?

Those who attend and pass a dental assisting program are rewarded with a completion certificate. This is the credible evidence they hold to become a certified dental assistant.

Without requiring further documents or exams, a certified dental assistant only relies on their passing certificate. Usually, this level of authentication is provided by the local programming school, which is either a vocational training center or a community college.

What is a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)?

A registered dental assistant has to undergo multiple exams and tests set by the national board. Some states value dental assistants who have graduated with an American Dental Association (ADA) accreditation. This registration is important if you’re looking for more prestigious dental assistant jobs.

In addition, to become a registered dental assistant, one must pass written and practical exams. Not only that, but they also need to apply for a state license. This enables them to put their skills to use in a more professional setting. Furthermore, it opens various gates of opportunities for anyone looking to be a dental assistant.

Bottom Line

Where both a certified dental assistant and a registered dental assistant are valid on their own terms, an RDA has a slight upper hand when securing market-competitive jobs. They have a chance to broaden their horizons and dabble in freely practicing dentistry services. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact Greatwood Dental Assisting Program at (281) 728-6012.

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