Becoming a dentist or a dental assistant can be challenging. You need to dedicate a lot of blood, tears, and sweat to bring your dreams to life. Even more so in this day and age, where everything has turned into a big competition.

The reason extracurricular activities even exist is to allow students to take part in something that isn’t related to their studies. Plus, it helps them become independent, broadening their horizons.

So, whether you’re trying to find extracurricular activities to boost your academics or just want to adopt something similar to your interests, this blog has everything you need.

Extracurricular Activities for Undergrad Dental Assistants & Students

As vital as it is for you to work hard, taking breaks and having fun is just as crucial. It doesn’t matter what you want to be. Whether you’re interested in becoming a dental assistant, hygienist, or even a fully-fledged dentist. Taking time away from the burden of academics is crucial.
So, in order to learn passively, all the while having fun, here are some extracurricular activities you can adopt:

Take Part in a Research Project

If you like to solve puzzles and dig deep into things, you might benefit from joining a research project. You can even start your own if you have the proper resources needed. Specifically, scientific research is what you should focus on. It helps to bring forth your problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Shadow a Dentist

This is perfect for dental students of all kinds. Although this takes more of a passive role, shadowing is a great tool to learn directly. By shadowing a professional dentist, you can understand the core responsibilities of a dentist and those around them. This includes dental assistants. You can get an insight into their administrative role and how they handle their day-to-day tasks.

Volunteer for Community Service

Volunteering is an excellent way to advance your social skills. It shows how dedicated and reliable you are, an important feature all dentists and dental assistants possess. It shows that you’re responsible enough to care for your patients and their needs.

Participate in Team Sports

There’s no better way to boost your teamwork skills than through group sports. From collaboration strategies to leadership skills, it highlights all the good aspects of your character. Moreover, since dentists work closely with dental assistants, hygienists, and others, it’s important for you to pick up on these small details through sports.

Join Pre-Dental Clubs and Associations

If you want to get into a dental school, joining other dental clubs and associations will help out big time. It’ll even increase the chances of you getting into the school of your choice. Additionally, participating in workshops, seminars, guest lectures, etc., will better prepare you for the next step in your future.

The Final Takeaway

All in all, no matter what your aspirations are, don’t forget to unwind from your schedule. Make sure you have hobbies that cater to your personal interests. Things that you enjoy and like doing. This way, you’ll be able to advance and move on ahead. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a dental assistant school, contact Greatwood Dental Assisting Program at (281) 728-6012. We offer the best dental assistant classes, with real-time interactions, practicals, and scholarships to partake in.

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